Martina and Alessandro's wedding in Finale Ligure was organized in just three months. I still remember Martina's phone call, a spring Saturday morning while I went to make an inspection with other spouses. A phone call full of emotion in which Martina said that her boyfriend had proposed to her and that they wanted to get married in… June! Lei, aware of the time constraints, he asked me “But do you think it's possible?” I replied “Sure, we'll make it, and yours will be a beautiful early summer seaside wedding!”.

Obviously, I didn't waste any time and I was already at work on Saturday afternoon! Martina is a splendid girl from Brescia who arrived in Genoa for the love of Alessandro, met during a trip to South America. Young, adventurous and hilarious, we immediately connected and so I managed to organize a beautiful and elegant wedding in Finale Ligure, in Liguria, in truly record time!

I organized the wedding in western Liguria, they were in love with this stretch of coast and he always went on holiday to Varigotti, where he has a second home. So I immediately thought about the suggestive Fortress of Castelfranco di Finale Ligure even because, during their travels to Varigotti, Martina and Alessandro often passed in front of us and every time they were enchanted by the beauty of this castle and the splendid view of the sea it offered. A dream come true.

Then found the perfect location, I organized everything else by choosing one color palette of light blue/lilac and white, really in the style of these newlyweds.

In this splendid location we celebrated the civil ceremony, ed the celebrant allowed a close friend to co-celebrate their wedding. In this way, even the ceremony was original and touching, appreciated and felt by all guests.

The dinner and the glittering cake cutting were set up on the Castelfranco lawn, illuminated by many romantic little lights, we were really lucky because our accomplice was also a magnificent starry sky.

In this wedding we took great care of the music, live violin and piano for the ceremony to which a masterful was added saxophone for an aperitif at sunset. Finally, after dinner a brilliant one dance party, with “crazy” djset and many, lots of animated and colorful lights.

Matrimonio a Finale Ligure Wedding Planner Sonia Rienzo
Matrimonio a Finale Ligure Wedding Planner Sonia Rienzo
Matrimonio a Finale Ligure Wedding Planner Sonia Rienzo