Wedding planner ed event planner they are very well-known professions abroad,

for example in the United States, where it is unthinkable not to turn to a professional to organize a ceremony or an important event. But unfortunately, even if things are changing rapidly, often in Genoa and Liguria they are not fully understood services and benefits, also cheap, that a qualified Wedding Planner can offer.

In this short article I will try to tell you something more about my work as a wedding planner in the province of Genoa and in Liguria, trying to shed some light on what I can do and can do for you. A Wedding planner does not only organize the wedding as an Event Planner does not only organize an Event… A Wedding professional takes care of every detail and create a “wedding project” customized.

A Wedding Planner studies the common thread that will accompany the whole day,

searches for the best locations and the best suppliers at the best economic conditions and coordinates their work at all times.

The Wedding Planner assumes responsibility for the work of all suppliers and all the details that make up the project. Sonia Rienzo relieves the spouses from burdens and worries that can spoil such a magical moment. A wedding planner proposes ideas, location, services and coordinates every aspect, so that everything is always perfect and that the event is as peaceful as possible for the newlyweds. The bride and groom have to live a dream, not a nightmare!

Thanks to my studies and the experience gained in the field over many years of organizing weddings throughout Italy, in my work as a wedding planner I am able to offer the optimal and personalized solution for every wedding, optimizing the available budget to the maximum and making the guests and the bride and groom arrive on the day of their yes, happy, smiling and without worries.

Often the spouses at the end of the marriage tell me: “thanks Sonia, it was all just perfect”. What to add, you don't want me to cry, vero?

Wedding planner Genova
Wedding planner Montecarlo

A wedding planner is not an additional expense, rather!

If you rely on Sonia Rienzo you can evaluate convenient quotes and interesting proposals. All without spending whole days for fairs or grinding kilometers to search in vain for the right location or the right restaurant… You will save money, time and you can really enjoy the joy of the preparations, thanks to someone who will always be on your side, everytime! Someone who will find the right solution to every little inconvenience or unexpected event, always with a smile and keeping calm.

Wedding Portofino organizes weddings not only in Portofino but in Genoa and throughout Liguria. Sonia Rienzo collaborates with the best professionals in the events sector and has developed agreements with the best clubs in the most beautiful locations, the best restaurants and catering services.

Wedding Portofino offers only the best photographers, videomaker, WEB agencies, animation agencies, Soia Rienzo only wants the best for you!

Getting married in Portofino or getting married in Santa Margherita Ligure? Getting married in an ancient Ligurian village or in a period villa facing the sea? With Wedding Portofino everything is possible, simple and perfect! Contact me for a free quote or call me at the number 340 8013929