Gaia and Samier finally got married on 16 July 2021. They too had to postpone their wedding day due to the pandemic, but they still managed to have a beautiful wedding in a dream location.

Gaia is Italian-English, Samier Serbian-French and live in Switzerland. As in the most beautiful of fairy tales, they fell in love in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, for this reason, the logo of their wedding ceremony featured the stylization of the Eiffel Tower.

They dreamed of get married in Italy, near the sea, so I proposed to them the splendid location of the Hotel dei Castelli in Sestri Levante. The Hotel dei Castelli is one of the most fascinating hotels in the world, built in medieval style and located in a wonderful location, in the center of the famous peninsula of Sestri Levante. The Hotel boasts a unique view of the enchanting scenery of the two gulfs, the Bay of Fables and the Bay of Silence.

For Gaia and Samir I had organized the celebration of the ceremony on the most beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the sea dell’Hotel, a light rain, however, suggested that we move it inside, in a beautiful room that I had already set up in case of bad weather.

The ceremony was simple, elegant and refined, as well as the style of the couple and the colors chosen: white alternating with pearl gray.

After the ceremony,photographic service continued at the Bay of Silence, a magical location that, thanks to its wonderful scenery on the sea, made the images of their wedding truly unforgettable.

Following dinner at the famous Ristorante dei Castelli. A dinner wrapped in the magical atmosphere of the sunset over the sea, perfect for a romantic wedding. The cuisine of the Castelli restaurant is of great class, based on fresh fish and shellfish, caught the previous night by their fishing boat.

A cuisine with the traditional flavors of our Riviera alongside those of Ancient Genoa, up to the delicious desserts with a contemporary style but with ancient scents.

The cutting of the magnificent cake, based on creams, cream and fresh fruit, took place on the terrace accompanied by music and fireworks. A truly fairytale setting for this splendid and deeply in love couple!

Still many greetings Gaia and Samir!