Surprise on Go Karts..

One of the most popular surprises, I have already organized several and they are always a great success .
It is a perfect surprise for any age group, both for a group of boys and girls with or without experience, it is a perfect sporting competition that is not too demanding, to be combined with an event.
In collaboration with the circuit, we organize tournaments reserved for guests invited to the event, according to their level of preparation, they will have everything they need to compete and will be followed by dedicated staff.
The go kart surprise is perfect for a birthday party, a bachelor party, or a special evening with friends to celebrate something important. In short, appropriate for any occasion, it will make your day fun, ideal for a dynamic birthday boy who loves engines.

As in the surprises that I have already organized of this type, the adrenaline and euphoria that remains after the tournament will make the players want to continue the evening with an aperitif on site, or enrich the surprise with a dinner organized down to the smallest detail, taking into account the occasion we are celebrating.
To make the surprise even more unforgettable, we will plan together details and the entire lineup of the event which will be enriched by further surprises for the birthday boy, a cake that recalls his passions, the comedian / entertainer of whom he is a fan or fireworks.
The possibilities are endless, contact me , tell me what is the occasion to celebrate and the passions of the lucky one ( because we women like motors too) I will make their dream come true, the evening they have always wanted.

On my blog, in the private events section, you can read the article on the 30th birthday that I organized as a surprise on go karts, go and have a look if you want to find out more details on how many things I can organize.

If you too want to organize your go Kart surprise, contact Wedding Portofino!