Surprise #4: Surprise on a sailing boat: a day with the wind in your sails!

We Ligurians have a passion for the sea , the sun, in short, such a surprise will certainly be appreciated.

With Wedding Portofino we can organize your surprise on a sailing boat, a day different from the ordinary is always a pleasure to experience it and there are many occasions that are combined with a surprise like this.
It is certainly a surprise perfect for a hen party, imagine organizing a day on a sailing boat with a group of friends, swim offshore and sunbathe on the boat and end the day with a toast, with a good aperitif at sunset in the middle of the sea ... what more could you want?
To make the day even more fun , we can make a small gift together to wear on board, together we will design a logo dedicated to the event that we will print on’ garment of your choice: a hat, a swimsuit or t-shirt. Details that will surely be appreciated by the bride.
Of course, you can organize a sailing event, to celebrate a birthday, a simple dinner with friends or a romantic dinner to surprise your sweetheart on the occasion of an anniversary or a special date.
For true sea wolves it is possible to end the evening in the middle of the sea, lying on the boat looking at the stars together, sleep on board and have breakfast in the middle of the sea.
On board it is possible to organize any dinner or lunch thanks to the help of our trusted catering, who will be on board that will give you an accurate and impeccable service, still leaving your privacy.
The sailboat has a table both outside and inside that can also be used in the spring and autumn months which are subject to small changes in temperature with the arrival of the evening.
If you want to organize your surprise on a sailing boat too , contact Wedding Portofino!