Getting married in Boccadasse: a perfect location in every season

Getting married in Boccadasse can make your wedding original and unique. Boccadasse, is an ancient and charming village in the city of Genoa. Much loved by the Genoese, it is one of the historic fishing villages and recalls the typical Ligurian villages perched between the harsh coast and the sweet Ligurian sea. What I appreciate most of this village are the unexpected tranquility that you can find on the romantic beach and the beauty of the classic Genoese houses, small, colors, painted with pastel colors and reachable by the very famous and characteristic Genoese cruze. Boccadasse truly gives an ancient atmosphere, that smells of history and that will make your wedding magical.

The peculiarity of Boccadasse is that a moment before you walk through the chaotic streets of Genoa and a moment later you find yourself magically surrounded by the quiet and silence of a small seaside village: Boccadasse is the pearl of Genoa, getting married in Boccadasse is the right choice for those who love the sea and the city of Genoa and want a simple wedding, romantic and suggestive.

sposarsi a Boccadasse

Getting married in Boccadasse: the perfect place for a wedding in full Genoese style

Boccadasse gives the opportunity to married couples, to be able to take very original photographs a few steps from the city center. Before getting off at Boccasasse, you can admire it the beautiful church of S. Anthony of Padua. A church built in the seventeenth century by the fishermen who populated the village and defined "the church of the seafarers" because inside there are all religious representations with a marine theme and along the aisles of the church there are fascinating miniature boats. Initially it was a simple chapel, in the following years it was expanded to become the rich and evocative church it is now.

In the end, around the beach, there are some typical restaurants, in which we have organized various receptions, with very elegant and well-kept furnishings, who prepare Ligurian cuisine based on fresh fish and traditional and tasty typical dishes, perfect for a wedding reception, sea ​​View, among a few close friends.

If you want to get married in Boccadasse please contact me, I will make your wedding day really special!