Feast of the 18 years: you have to have fun!

Organize the feast of the 18 years it is always a responsibility. E’ certainly one of the most heartfelt birthdays for both the birthday boy and his family. A feast of the 18 years that always has great success is certainly the Party Hollywood: original, fun, sparkling! Il Hollywood style birthday is one of the timeless and always in demand themes, today I would like to tell you what my interpretation of this great classic was.

Alexia, a girl, young, sunny and with a great desire for fun, she wanted a birthday party in which she could feel the center of attention and pampered for one evening, a special party, colorful and fun, Hollywood-themed. The location where we organized his birthday party for 18 years is the local Sol Levante, which is located in Cavi di Lavagna, in the Ligurian Riviera. A very large venue, equipped with a splendid sea view terrace with swimming pool.

The set-ups, have been studied in detail: at the entrance we have built a real red carpet, composed of a red carpet walkway and we have made build a colored panel, placed at the bottom of the carpet, with a print with written: Happy Birthday Alexia, with two sides giant inflated balloons helium that dialed the number 18. The perfect location for a super chic photo shoot!

The feast of 18 years: a precious memory

After the photos on the red carpet, the guests were accompanied in the great hall, where the buffet was set up. We hung great from the ceiling golden stars of various sizes and many balloons inflated with helium black and gold decorated the walls and hall.

Where there was the torta we set up another smaller red carpet with a huge star designed with the name of the birthday girl in the middle in full Hollywood style, finally, for a real Hollywood Party, popcorn could not be missing! We have created gods flower centerpiece with red and white popcorn containers, although the combination is quite particular, the result was surprising and very fun and greedy!

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