Getting married in Genoa can seem complicated?

Our services are available for all couples wishing to get married in Genoa, especially if you live outside Liguria and do not have the time to make numerous trips to organize your wedding.
In this case, contact one Wedding Planner in Genoa who knows the area and the best suppliers well is essential to reduce the stress that preparations for this day entail.
Genoa is a versatile city, perfect for any type of wedding or event you dream of, city ​​rich in history and with breathtaking nature that offers incredible and unique views of the Italian territory. A Wedding Planner in Genoa will surely be able to give you the best advice to enhance these characteristics.

In short, getting married in Genoa will make your wedding a fairy tale.

Sposarsi a Genova

Why get married in Genoa? Here are some locations recommended by me!

Genoa overlooks the Gulf of the Ligurian Sea and is located at the foot of the Ligurian Apennines, the strategic position of this city and its strength that will distinguish your events.
Il sea ​​is the main attraction for the newlyweds it is suggestive and offers unforgettable sunsets that will frame your wedding, despite this it is a very inviting aspect especially for foreign couples, Genoa offers much more.
There are many weddings that are held every year in the Genoese historic center.
Genoa is full of wonderful historic buildings that offer unique and enchanting atmospheres, almost all of them are located among the very famous Genoese “caruggi”, walking through these streets you can feel the history and the solemnity of these places.

Getting married in Genoa gives you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in these magnificent buildings.

The strength of the historical buildings , they can be used in any season, in summer because almost all of them have wonderful gardens or terraces , but especially for winter weddings.
The most beautiful locations in the historic center selected by the Wedding Planners in Genoa, I am:

– Meridiana Palace: Equipped with numerous different rooms, it is located in the historic center of Genoa among the most beautiful buildings and churches in the city.

– Prince's Palace: Palace built by Admiral Andrea Doria in 1529, imposing construction perfect for large weddings , inside it has a large and spacious hall set up with elegant decorations . The terrace and the well-kept garden embellish this location.

– Red palace: Perfect for couples who choose to celebrate the ceremony with the civil ceremony.


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