The charm of wedding destination enchanted a fabulous Irish couple, originally from Lithuania. They chose our beautiful region to get married.

They preferred a small wedding, made up of just best man and maid of honor, their closest friends and their daughter, who took part to the ceremony as a lovely bridesmaid.

Inga and Zydrunas chose to celebrate their love story with a Catholic marriage, which was officiated in the Church of Santa Margherita di Sori, located close to the seaside.

The church was very picturesque, small and rich in frescoes and Italian style stained glass windows. The Holy Mass was officiated half in Italian and half in English, everyone’s effort to speak both languages and pronunciation mistakes made the ceremony unique and theirs, yet intimate and touching.


Destination wedding: from Ireland with love!

After taking some pictures on the beach, we moved on a Beetle Convertible to Camogli, there a wonderful sailing boat was waiting for us.

We sailed along the coast up to the splendid Portofino Bay, we took all the guests on tour around the Piazzetta Portofino and to the amazing S. Fruttuoso Bay.
Once the wonderful tour ended, the sailing boat left us at Punta Chiappa di Camogli, in which the wedding reception venue was.

The restaurant was called Stella Maris, a fabulous place overlooking the sea. The table booked was in a reserved area of the location, on the solarium, by ensuring a beautiful view over the sea.

The newlyweds were very lucky, we had been able to spot by chance a group of dolphins swimming off the coast of Punta Chiappa.

The flower arrangement for this wedding was created using extremely rare English garden roses, finest flowers of several color nuances, in this particular case we chose pink and white roses for all details of the event.

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