Getting married in Portofino: Dream or Reality?

Getting married in Portofino, at its famous bay, is a dream of many young couples. Portofino is a true diamond, nestled in the Ligurian territory. Whether by sea or by land, arriving in Portofino is always an extraordinary experience, we cannot but exclaim: Wow! This is wonderful!

To arrive in Portofino you need to take a national road along the coast and during the journey it is possible to enjoy the suggestive view of the crystal clear sea and the green mountains. Then as we get closer to the bay, the landscape gradually changes and the beautiful Portofino Bay finally appears.

Getting married in Portofino is now an amazing opportunity. Since many years, Portofino attracts a lot of Italian and foreign couples, and that is thanks to its thousands of peculiarities: in the small bay there is a picturesque tiny square full of beautiful boutiques carrying the world’s most important brands, the crystal clear blue water of the marina is unique in the world, and terrace restaurants overlooking the sea and the wonderful promontory of Portofino are simply spectacular.

Getting married in Portofino

Are you thinking about getting married in Portofino? Here a list of locations.

Portofino is a unique and wonderful place to organize your wedding, it has many locations all different from each other:

Castello Brown

The castle is located on the top of the promontory of Portofino. The view from the castle is unique and truly suggestive: it is ideal for those couples that want to choose a romantic and close wedding, there it is also possible to celebrate civil ceremonies.

Hotel Splendido

An enchanting five star hotel provided with wide halls and gardens in which you may organize your wedding party, impeccable and meticulous service with attention to the finest detail, professional and friendly staff. Hence, a bride may feel like a real princess here, besides, from the hotel you may enjoy a spectacular view on the wonderful Portofino Bay.

Ristorante Carillon

If you wish to celebrate a wedding by the sea, this is the perfect location: the Carillon is a longstanding restaurant on the beach, provided with modern and refined furniture and a beautiful terrace. I would recommend it to a couple that is looking for a marine style wedding or to those couples that imagine their wedding day as something informal and with a touch of originality.

Contact me for all opportunities, getting married in Portofino will be an amazing and special experience with Wedding Portofino!