Today I want to tell you the beautiful fifth birthday of little Angie. Although I have planned this party in a short time, the result was magnificent: the child, his family and all the guests were really enthusiastic.

Angie's parents wanted a very special birthday for their little one, having recently moved from Pavia to Varazze this would have been the first occasion of celebration and sharing with his new friends.

Angie is a huge Frozen fan and dreamed of becoming the Snow Princess for a day, I tried to make his dream come true by transforming the location chosen by his parents in Varazze into the magical Castello di Arendelle.

First of all, I designed a scenography that recalled in all respects the setting of the film, complete with slide, fir trees, ice, neve… Then four costumed entertainers dressed as Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven they welcomed, accompanied and entertained for the whole party the children, truly surprised and enchanted to meet their favorite characters live.

We organized many games, all strictly Frozen themed, in which the children participated, the entertainers in costume and also the amused parents.

It was set up with a “top” Catering service a beautiful themed Buffet and a magnificent three-tiered "Frozen style" cake was prepared. All the details have led the children to live an experience between dream and reality in the magical world of ice, even the little gift given to the participants at the end of the party was a Frozen character in a delicious themed box.

A birthday party that is become unforgettable for me too, see the joy in Angie's eyes, feel the amazement of the other children in front of Princess Anna and Elsa, but above all seeing the emotion of the parents in front of the joy of the daughter and her friends have moved me and believe me, it was not even easy to select the photos to include in this article!

Compleanno Frozen
Compleanno Frozen
Compleanno Frozen