Surprise #2: Romantic dinner in a medieval tower

A special and romantic dinner is a great classic to surprise your partner but in this article I want to offer you a truly original alternative.
In the historic town of Finalborgo, in the Ca di Nì residence there is a very ancient medieval tower with ample space inside, here in collaboration with the splendid Cristina, director of the facility, it is possible to organize a perfect romantic dinner for a special occasion.
In this wonderful location, the atmosphere is not lacking, it will be impossible not to surprise your him or your hers!
Dinner can be set up inside the tower, or on the adjacent terrace, the strategic position enjoys a wonderful incomparable panorama, overlooking the center of Finalborgo.

Inside the tower there is ample space for a table for two, inside it has perfect lighting that creates a soft light and a very romantic place. Both solutions are located outside the central building, therefore they enjoy perfect intimacy.
The romantic dinner of the Ca di Ni tower , it will already be perfect thanks to the location, but to complete such an important evening a careful preparation must not be missing, will be the icing on the cake of an unforgettable evening.

Romantic dinner in FinalborgoFor these occasions the set-up that I will prepare for you will be customized and will tell your couple and your story. Besides being beautiful, evocative and elegant my prerogative is to make each setting unique. Unfortunately, I cannot give you even more specific advice, because they must be designed and conceived according to the couple.
The first step I follow is to let the client tell me about it, what are your expectations for this romantic dinner and what are your goals.
The goal is very important to center the set-up, can be: simply make an original surprise or celebrate a wedding anniversary, or communicate some important news such as expecting a child or even make a marriage proposal… Based on what you want to communicate, we will study the menu, the music, the right objects to insert to create a special and unforgettable atmosphere.
Another very important factor is to let me tell the tastes and passions of the person to be surprised, mixing this precious information I pass to the next phase that from the planning and the realization.
If you wish to organize a romantic dinner on the medieval tower, contact me, I will make your evening unique!