One of the advantages of living in Liguria is undoubtedly being able to celebrate anniversaries on the beach and there is no shortage of suitable locations , the birthday party by the sea is really something special and then birthday is a moment that must always be celebrated in a big way!
During the summer it is pleasant to organize an evening in the open air and the beach is a perfect place for any event: birthdays, marriage, baptisms, confirmations , the lulling of the waves and the golden sand make the atmosphere magical and unforgettable.
Personalize your beach party with a themed set-up, I advise you to avoid the marine theme that has already been created in many ways but to indulge yourself with your imagination and to experiment and have fun experimenting with new themes , almost all of them go very well for a birthday by the sea.

compleanno al mare

An eighteenth birthday by the sea

Recently I made a wonderful party for Carlotta's eighteenth at the Bathing establishment Teresa in Diano Marina.


The only indications that Carlotta had given me for her birthday were: mare, tulle and a pastel color palette from pink to green.

I interpreted your wish, making a wonderful dessert table, full of any delicacy; meringues, berry pie, decorated cookies beautifully made by one of our trusted cake designers.
We have enriched the sweet table with a pastel pink satin tablecloth, a very voluminous skirt in pink and green tulle and a majestic arch of balloons that framed the wonderful panorama.
In the end, I added some floral points made with wild flowers and colored daisies placed in a vase holder made with golden milk of the country style.
As a gift to give to guests, we chose some colorful flip flops that were used during the evening to walk more easily on the sand.
Star light, good music and a hilarious photoboot, they entertained all the guests and made it a day unforgettable for Carlotta.

If you also want a birthday by the sea, contact me!