A colorful graduation party

For the graduation party, Micol is a recent graduate in nursing, he dreamed of a very colorful graduation party on a gray November day.
To liven up a cold and gloomy winter evening we chose to use one color palette that included all shades of pink with a little touch of burgundy.
The location reserved for the event had already been chosen by the birthday girl, a place very dear to you, a restaurant that offered a classic Genoese cuisine. Located on the heights of Genoa, the restaurant terrace afforded a wonderful view over the city.

Graduation partyThe set-ups designed for Micol's graduation party

The project I made for the graduation party, provided for a colorful but country style in line with the style of the place. We have chosen scenic and impactful settings to create the "wow" effect I have already told you about.
In collaboration with a very good flower design, we chose to create a wall decorated with festoons made with wonderful ones carnations with a thousand shades rose .

In the center of the wall, a custom floral graphic created for the event with writing: Congratulations Dr. Micol.
The centerpieces chosen for Micol's graduation party echoed the flowers and the various shades of color used for the floral wall. We created them with a glass jar decorated with a pink bow inside the carnations. Each table had a different shade of flowers , which was taken with the color of the ranner positioned in the center of the table.

Organizing and participating in this event was a truly wonderful experience. When you see the satisfaction in the birthday girl's smile and her eyes shining with emotion and you hear yourself say: what a great job Sonia, Thank you! The tiredness from the work done disappears in a matter of seconds.

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