In the last article on etiquette I told you about invitations and outfits to wear at weddings, this time I would like to tell you about table etiquette.
Nowadays they are used only for very important and official dinners, now we prefer to choose more casual weddings with the simplest and most design table setting , therefore the strict rules of etiquette are not always observed ,except for aristocratic weddings. But it is useful to know the basic rules for avoid misunderstandings with the guests you will invite to your wedding, or if you will be the guests of an important event.

galateo a tavola

Table etiquette: how to set the table ?


As you can see in the image, the table is set with a lot of cutlery and glasses, which may be all or some according to the menu .
To the left of the diner there will be forks, on the right the knives that will have the blade facing the plate.
Such a rich table can be scary, but it's actually very simple, just start with the outermost cutlery which will be that of the appetizer ( the appetizer cutlery is always a fork) to the left of the diner to follow are placed the cutlery of the first and that of the second.
If a soup or some dish that requires the use of a spoon will be served as a first course , it will be placed on the right next to the knives, instead the small cutlery above the serving plate is dedicated to dessert.
Much simpler is the arrangement of the glasses, the largest is for water, followed by the glass for red wine and finally the one for white wine.

Table etiquette: how the guests are arranged at the table?

The art of receiving also teaches us how to achieve a perfect seat assignment, there are some fundamental indications that it is always important to keep in mind.
The bride and groom must never turn their backs on any guest, therefore it will be our care to arrange the tables in order to avoid this unpleasant inconvenience.
In the table newlyweds ,the most important people will sit, therefore usually families and witnesses , alternating man / woman.

Another very important rule, the service starts right from this table, giving precedence to women, elderly people, guests with important honors.

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