Winter wedding is a fascinating novelty that is spreading in Italy, so in this article I decided to tell you something more about these events that I find wonderful and I would like to eliminate seasonality in weddings.
The warm season offers wonderful days, warm and long, therefore it is naturally popular with couples, but in Italy we have beautiful historic houses , ancient buildings, farmhouses and wonderful museums that are perfect as a location for weddings and more usable in the winter season. We also don't have, at least in Liguria very cold winters and temperatures are sustainable and allow you to enjoy the day.

Imagine the environment that these illuminating locations offer with warm and soft light, lots of candles that contrast with the slightly cloudy days that winter gives us and if we are lucky, a few snowflakes crown a day full of romance.
Also for economic reasons, a wedding in "low season" can be a very intelligent choice, because sometimes it guarantees halved waiting lists and more affordable prices for the locations and greater availability from the organizers who will have more time and energy to take care of your ceremony in detail.

matrimonio invernale

Winter wedding: what are the most used themes?

There are actually a lot of colors and themes, also for winter weddings.

One of the settings that will never go out of trend is those inspired by Christmas, using pine cones, pine branches and a few shades of red made with fruits such as pomegranate or apples.

Otherwise if you prefer cool colors, you can opt for a palette of very muted whites and greens with a touch of silver, they will remember snow and ice, they will give a romantic and elegant atmosphere.
If, on the other hand, you dreamed of a winter wedding, but country tartan combined with wood and green elements will make a unique and rustic atmosphere.

Furthermore, Winter offers wonderful flowers with which you can create unique floral arrangements, one of my favorite flowers that bloom in low temperatures is the anemone.

Elegant and refined, l’anemone is an ancient flowering plant that has more than 150 variety with scenographic colors such as white, rosa, light blue, yellow and red. Combined with greenery and berries you can create very romantic arrangements, perfect for composing even the bride's bouquet.
Another winter flower is the tulip, beautiful both white and colored, much appreciated by winter brides, with the tulip you can create very original and elegant compositions.
In short , winter weddings are often underestimated, but it can give a romantic and unforgettable wedding with a truly unique atmosphere.

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