The sugared almond and the sweettable, What are?

The sugared almond and the sweettable in recent years have really become the trends in weddings. But what are they? The sugared almond consists of a table set with various flavors of sugared almonds presented in an elegant and very inviting way, between candles, refined glass boxes and floral compositions. Lo sweettable (dessert table) it is similar to the sugared almond in presentation and in its preparation, but it is made with various qualities of sweets and biscuits. The sugared almond and the sweettable greatly embellish the room where the cake will be cut, give a small sweet moment to guests waiting for the wedding cake and give a touch of elegance to the entire room.

What I love when I design the confetti and the sweetable is the scenic impact they have, in fact, they can also be very rich and personalized, always following a call of the flowers chosen by the bride or in the thread of the wedding. The sugared almond and the sweetable cannot really be missing, create a magical and relaxing atmosphere.
Another alternative to sugared almonds for the more sparkling spouses is the candy bar, the idea is the same, but made up of candies of all kinds, perhaps a little less romantic idea but… really impressive and greedy!


La confettata e lo sweettable