How much does it cost to get married?

We get married? Yes! But…how much does it cost to get married? What is the right budget to dedicate to the wedding day?
This is one of the first questions that all couples who decide to get married ask me, however, it is a complicated question to answer .
In truth, there is no predefined budget, minimum or maximum, there is no wedding tariff, because there are many variables that affect the various wedding quotes: number of guests, location prescelte, type of marriage, the period.
Certainly there are choices that raise the costs to be incurred, such as deciding to get married in high season: locations and restaurants in these periods have higher prices than in autumn or winter, because they are the least popular months, though, in truth I love winter weddings and its suggestions…. but we will do an in-depth article later.

Quanto costa sposarsi

How much does it cost to get married? the factors that affect the most

The number of guests significantly affects the catering budget, will take up almost the 50% of our budget. It will therefore be necessary to find suitable locations and catering to create the right balance between what we want and how much we can spend, so as not to be in difficulty or make hasty choices at the last minute. My advice, and it is also my way of proceeding with the married couples who come to me, and of immediately define the available budget. The basis for this is to have a fairly precise idea of ​​the number of guests and on this data to start working on the various possibilities and create the much desired tailor-made wedding, optimizing it to the best and looking for the best solutions for the newlyweds.
Hence the answer to the question “how much does it cost to get married” can be in summary: it is the spouses who decide how much to invest, it all depends on the priorities they have.
In my opinion, the important thing is to have clear ideas about what is essential and what is not. One of the many tasks of a good Wedding Planner is just that: guide them in the right choices, always keeping an eye on the budget, proposing different suppliers, location alternative, different menus, and so on... this will save you time and money, as you will have the opportunity to have at your fingertips given different possibilities and opportunities and you can leave, well organized, immediately. This will make everything easier, harmonious and coordinated and you can enjoy the magic of moments that never return, with the certainty that there is someone who thinks of everything and always solves any inconvenience, even last minute ones!