Surprise #3: he CAKE PARTY!

Cake Party: Say it with a sweet!
We coined the name CAKE PARTY to summarize those special events in which it is possible to create an original and truly unique party thanks to a path made of…SWEETS! a very special way to communicate something important to friends and family or to a loved one…

Many occasions in our life deserve to be crowned with a special moment that will make them unforgettable: the birth of a child, a marriage request, a special birthday, a degree or a promotion or an anniversary

A trend that is having a lot of success in America and beyond, such as organizing a special party with friends and relatives to reveal the sex of the child expected by the parents. Normally the BABY CAKE PARTY it is organized in the afternoon, then the buffet will consist of hot drinks and fruit juices and blue and pink decorated sweets, even the arrangements will be made of both colors to maintain the mystery until the cake is cut.

Or why not make a marriage proposal with a cake or a sweet? There is no sweeter way to ask for the hand with a cake, just use your imagination and there are many original ways that I and my trusted Cake Designer Giulia Cake will study & Cookies to make you a very romantic marriage proposal.
Or again….Create your own LOVE CAKE PARTY to tell your love story…A very sweet path and yours alone crossed by chocolates, pastries, biscuits and an exclusive dessert with a gift inside, a poem, a declaration…

A truly original and inimitable surprise is to create an installation with sweettable that takes up every important stage of your life, a dessert table that tells your storytelling like a movie. Together we will identify the important phases you have had together and we will study how to turn them into a sweet surprise.
In short, the ideas are many, any event can be realized with the Cake party style to leave those you want to surprise speechless, contact wedding Portofino and we will design the perfect cake party for you!