Getting married in Camogli will make your wedding a fairy tale!

Camogli is located in the Riviera del Levante Ligure, is a romantic town by the sea, with an ancient marina and a glorious maritime past.
Getting married in Camogli can be wonderful thanks to the magnificent and imposing Basilica overlooking the sea , which is located in the small port of Camogli.
Camogli is located in many small hamlets that are emeralds set in our territory, and beautiful places to get married in Camogli.

The most famous, after S.Fruttuoso di Camogli it is undoubtedly, the Ruta di Camogli. Here is one of the best known and most requested churches by Genoese brides who decide to get married in Camogli: the Millennial church, from the square in front you can enjoy a splendid panorama that contributes to the charm of this place overlooking the sea.


Sposarsi a Camogli

The locations for couples wishing to get married in Camogli selected by me:

– Hotel Cenebio dei dogi: beautiful hotel located in an enviable position, with a beautiful and large restaurant with windows to enjoy the extraordinary panorama.

– The loggia of Camogli: it is an intimate and romantic corner, certainly its strong point is on the elegant terrace overlooking the sea and also in the winter season, the large windows of the interior spaces offer a spectacular view of the gulf where you can immortalize the most beautiful day of your life.

– Stella Maris: structure located in Punta Chiappa, a small tongue of rock is one of the hamlets of Camogli, the beauty that may also seem an obstacle is its location, there is no restaurant in a more beautiful location, accessible only by sea or for nature lovers, on foot.

In short, it is one of the most romantic towns of the Riviera del Lavante Ligure and getting married in Camogli is the dream of many couples.

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