You want to get married in the city but you don't know where? Getting married in Genoa Castelletto is the perfect solution for your wedding.


Weddings in Genoa don't just take place at the seaside. Getting married in Genoa Castelletto gives you the opportunity to choose from many locations including villas and historic homes.
Castelletto is a district in the heights of Genoa, from which you can admire a breathtaking view, a place very popular with residents and tourists because of this characteristic.
The most famous and panoramic point is spianata castelletto, a small square overlooking the city of Genoa.

Sposarsi a Genova Castelletto

The locations for getting married in Genoa Castelletto selected by me:

– Villa lo doormat

Magnificently managed by the Capurro catering receptions.
The largest and undoubtedly the most beautiful villa in Genoa, a perfectly preserved historic residence from the 17th century. It has very large internal lounges, perfect for hosting very large weddings and is surrounded by a large park overlooking the sea.
The immense garden is a window on the city, despite being in the heart of the city center, traffic noises are far away.

– Bruzzo Castle

Designed by Gino Coppedé in 1904, also Castello Bruzzo has an exclusive view.
The refined Liberty-style environments make it an ideal location for organizing not only weddings but also private events, birthdays, corporate events.
An unmissable feature also for this location is a large park surrounded by greenery and an enchanting terrace that can be used by the newlyweds for an aperitif or cake cutting..

Albertis Castle

Historic home of Captain D’Albertis, the Castle is a suggestive location that offers several prestigious and scenographic rooms and spaces that allow it to be exploited to move each phase to a different room and make the wedding less static and more interactive for guests
In the Sala del Camino and on the panoramic terrace they give the possibility to celebrate civil rites with an exciting sea view.

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