Getting married on the beach in Liguria

I admit that the beach wedding is certainly one of my favorites! Furthermore here in Liguria we have wonderful beaches and it is possible to really organize an unforgettable beach wedding. Getting married on the beach was an unusual choice until a few years ago, it has now become a very popular alternative. Getting married on the beach guarantees a romantic wedding, informal and very impressive. A ceremony not only for young people but for all those who love the magical atmosphere and the sea breeze.

The shore near the shoreline is one of the most sought-after locations to celebrate a wedding, but you have to organize yourself well. In fact, not all municipalities allow weddings on the beach.

For the choice of location on the beach, restrictions in Liguria vary from municipality to municipality. In Liguria the authorized beaches are unfortunately still few at the moment. Alassio, Albisola Superiore, Sestri Levante, Loano, Ligurian stone : these are the municipalities that allow the civil ceremony to take place even by the sea.

However, if you want to get married by the sea, the other option is to go to bathing establishments or restaurants that have the necessary authorizations. These structures, in addition to the beach, they can also make rooms available for the reception. In recent years there has been a real boom in these clubs, that can truly guarantee you a perfect wedding. Our agency can suggest you the most beautiful structures at very special prices.Our agency will help you find the best location to organize your wedding and your reception on the beach, maybe at sunset lights…

Our Liguria is full of perfect places for your wedding by the sea, for example I love the Saracen Tower of Zoagli. A wonderful tower, overlooking the sea, that frames your yes among the magical sound of the waves breaking on the rocks. Or why not choose one of the pearls that the whole world envies us: a wonderful wedding in the Cinque Terre? Or… one of the specialties of our agency: an elegant wedding in Portofino perhaps on the suggestive terrace of the Castello Brown or in the Church of San Giorgio, suspended between sky and sea. Or even for a truly chic wedding, why not choose it splendid city of flowers, Sanremo?

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