How to organize a memorable Kid's party

I want to dedicate a page of this column to the Kid's Party.

Organizing a children's party has now become stressful for many parents, the commitments are always many but in any case you want to create the party so dreamed of by the little birthday boy.
For this reason I rely on the best suppliers / collaborators in Liguria with whom we create unforgettable birthday parties by taking care of the entire organization of the Kid's party.
Valuable allies for many years now have been the guys from the animation agency of Somersault on the clouds, they are the icing on the cake of any children's event.

Kid’s Party a tema mickey mouse

I Kid’s party tema, they are the most popular with children and make us adults a little excited too.
I want to tell you about the Micky mouse themed party organized for Gabriel's first birthday celebrations.
For this project we decided to focus on the cake table enriched with lots of details by customizing the decorations.
The color palette chosen for this event was composed of: rosso, yellow and black.
The cake table was made by covering the table with red fabric cut to size for the table we had available. Above we placed a black stain-resistant tablecloth with a white polka dot pattern perfect for a mickey mouse-themed Kid's party.
The table was decorated with a hand-made centerpiece with the shape of the face of a mouse, two wooden boxes with popcorn and potato chips inside, made with red cardboard and in the center the silhouette of a mickey mouse. Finally, the table was embellished with helium-filled balloons floating in the air.
The fil rouge of the whole project were the silhouettes of the face of a mouse, which have been applied on the wall of various shapes and colors around the Gabriel writing made entirely by hand.
The rest of the decorations in the room were made with compositions of balloons that always recalled the same colors.

Contact me if you also want to create a theme party for your child!