Getting married in Varigotti … a heavenly location!

Another pearl of our beautiful Ligurian coast is Varigotti, a fraction of Finale Ligure, inhabited by very few residents and is a famous tourist resort with a strong maritime distinctive trait. Important seaside resort destination for many Italian and foreign tourists, but also a popular beach for the inhabitants of the area.

Getting married in Varigotti gives you the opportunity to spend the day on the beach making your day truly unique.One of the most beautiful and evocative beaches of Liguria is located here: and the Bay of the Saracens surrounded by high rock faces and wild nature.

The inhabited center of Varigotti stands out from the other Ligurian towns for the bright colors of its plasters and the squared one or two storey buildings, that make up the Borgo Saraceno: It enjoys this particular architecture because the Saracens stopped in Varigotti for a long period.

One of the unmissable places in Varigotti is - the church of San Lorenzo, a building of medieval origins, positioned on a cliff overlooking the sea, it crossed an ancient path that led from Varigotti to Noli . Open only a few days a week or by appointment, it is beautifully managed by a group of volunteers who are committed to maintaining the ancient splendor of this sacred building.

Getting married in Varigotti: the location suggested by Wedding Portofino

Choosing to get married in Varigotti can make your day unique and unforgettable, highly coveted place all over the world.

One of the locations that I recommend you to consider for your reception is the Bagni Gallo, have a fully equipped restaurant , therefore they will be able to satisfy your requests and give you the opportunity to spend the day on the beach in one of the most beautiful places on the Ligurian Riviera.

Even the starred restaurant the Saraceno, it is the ideal place to crown your day, a mix of elegance , professionalism and good food .

In short, if you wish to get married in Varigotti, contact me for an infallible planning!