What is the Baby Shower? In Italy the nature of this event is still unclear , I hope to explain it to you in this article.

The arrival of a child is an exciting and special moment that deserves to be celebrated in the best possible way, but a very sweet moment that deserves a beautiful memory is: the wait .

A wonderful American-born trend is the baby shower, a small event to celebrate the new life that is about to be born. In recent years, the baby shower has also been spreading in Italy.
To organize a perfect event you need to look for a nice and well-kept room that is large enough to be able to set up a small sitting room for guests and a sweet buffet with attention to the smallest details .
A must for a perfect baby shower is a cleverly decorated sugar paste cake, cup cake, biscotti, chocolates everything must follow the common thread that has been chosen to personalize the event.
The set-up will be very important, the choice of objects and the addition of compositions of fresh flowers, which will be placed on the sweet table and which must be coordinated with the event and enhance the buffet.

The Baby Shower precedes the birth, although the party is given in honor only of the future mother and only women can participate, in the last few years, men also began to take part in the celebration.

The latest trend, which I love, is to let parents and relatives discover the sex of the unborn child at the event, through a surprise organized by the event planner for parents; the room is set up in both pink and blue to increase the curiosity of guests and parents and towards the end of the baby shower it is revealed whether a boy or a girl will be born .
One of the most classic methods to give parents the good news is to decorate the cake with a neutral outside but pink or blue inside, or create a gift box that parents will open with balloons that fly out of the color of the child's gender.

The ideas are many, these are only the most widespread and it will be my job to find the right one for you.

Make the most important memories of your life unforgettable!