Etiquette is a good ally for organizing an impeccable wedding, there are many notions to know and confusion is often created. I decided to create this column to help you have greater clarity on the rules of bon ton to take into consideration in order not to make guests uncomfortable and to have an impeccable wedding..

Let's start this journey in etiquette by talking about investments. I am often asked by the spouses what to write and what are the rules to follow, so I decided to explain to you how best to make the invitations for your wedding.
It is very important that participation reflects the type of marriage in which guests will participate, for example formal or informal, so that the guests can get a suitable outfit.
The participation must be delivered to your guests at least three months before the wedding date and preferably should be delivered by hand by the bride and groom.
In classic and formal invitations, gray or sepia ink should be preferred and it would be appreciated to handwrite the names of the guests in beautiful handwriting on the envelopes and titles in front of the name should be avoided (es. dr. Ing.) .

la Partecipazione

The name of him or her goes first?

According to the etiquette, the bride's name is written on the left as it is the father of the bride who gives the bride the hand of her daughter.
In this case, they are the parents of the spouses who announce the marriage, then the names of the bride's parents will be written on the top left and the names of the groom's parents on the right.
After this header, the information relating to the celebration in church must be written, while the time and place of the reception will be written on a separate card but inserted in the same envelope.

The less formal and more modern formula is undoubtedly the most used today, it is the spouses who announce their marriage. According to the etiquette, it is advisable to draw up the shares in this way when the couple already lives together.
If you choose a less formal participation, it does not matter if you prefer to put the name before that of the bride or groom, you can choose many themes and of course you can customize them with graphics and colors, and it is possible to make a single card if all the guests who receive the invitation will be able to attend the reception.