An engine-themed event

Have you dreamed of organizing a super special motor-themed birthday for your him?
A very dear friend of mine contacted me to organize a huge surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, but also for the guests. To guarantee the mystery of the various destinations and a fantastic surprise effect, we have organized a transfer service for all the trips that took place during the evening.
The event was built by concentrating all the passions on the engines of the birthday boy in a single party: go kart, Alfa Romeo and Ducati. Three different aspects, but which fully enclose the motor theme chosen for the event.

The evening started at a Go kart track, reserved exclusively for the conduct of a tournament among the participants in the event. Meanwhile, the birthday boy was distracted, the big birthday present from his girlfriend arrived, with many unexpected events and difficulties, we managed to get the car of his dreams: an Alfa Romeo Giulia decorated with a giant red bow.

The evening continued at the Villa Porticciolo restaurant in Rapallo, this enchanting location is in a fantastic position on the sea with a private beach. On the façade in the most panoramic point, the girlfriend, has decided to project a dedication of love for the birthday boy: Greetings my life. A very romantic gesture that left all guests speechless.

Inside the restaurant a welcome cocktail was set up for guests with lots of delicious fish finger food.
Afterwards, the intimate dinner with friends began, which took place between chatter and laughter ended with the birthday boy's favorite cake, also themed, decorated with a white chocolate decoration depicting the coat of arms of the ducati positioned in the center of the cake.
The evening ended with djset, balli e karaoke, an event went very well, the birthday boy was literally speechless and the guests were super helpful and created a party atmosphere.

If you also want an engine-themed party, a very special event for your passionate boyfriend or husband, contact me at 340 8013929, there are still many free dates for spring and summer!