Your child's first birthday is always a special moment, a day that is never forgotten and it is right to celebrate it to the fullest.

Organize such an important party, as the first birthday it can be stressful, it is the most anticipated event by parents and the child will be too young to remember, but when you grow up, reviewing photos and videos together will certainly be a unique emotion.

One of the best solutions for a truly perfect first birthday party is to throw a themed party.
The decorations will therefore be fundamental: the whole location must be full of decorations, balloons and calls completely focused on the chosen theme.
It can be very pleasant for the child and for the guests to participate in one themed party, maybe with the most loved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie, but also Peppa Pig, Unicorn... there are many ideas that can be exploited by taking as a reference the cartoons most loved by children or even classic fairy tales.
The highlight of the whole party is undoubtedly there birthday cake: it is generally the most awaited and most enjoyed dessert by all that, if prepared with some attention also on an aesthetic level, allows you to make a good impression and maybe have many souvenir photos with the birthday boy and the guests.

Designing a perfect first birthday party can seem expensive and time-consuming, in reality, if everything is well studied and organized down to the smallest detail, you can have it an original party paying attention to the expense to be incurred.
Personally, I focus a lot on DIY for the parties I organize: we create the decorations by hand every time and they are custom designed and designed for the party, in this way costs are reduced and the party is truly UNIQUE!

Every child deserves their first birthday party to be a special memory, if you want to organize the perfect party for your child contact me.