Personalized catering services for your events and birthday parties!

A solution that I often choose for the birthdays I organize is to rely on a small company that takes care of a snack for the little guests.
I have been offering this service for years because it is convenient, cheap and makes the party less stressful for parents, who will be able to enjoy the event and chat with friends.
For the preparation of the catering it is very important to choose a menu suitable for the age of the children, with simple but tasty preparations and always using high quality products.
I particularly care about the quality and goodness of the food that is offered in my events, but my focus is even higher on catering for children's events.
Choosing the right and suitable product for them is very important, in fact, the snack menus that we create together with the caterers include dishes appreciated by all such as the classic sandwiches with ham, grandmother's pies and pies, organic yogurt and fruit juices. Everything is done entirely by catering without using packaged products or industrial semi-finished products, each preparation is very fresh.
The menu is created each time according to requests and the season, it is also possible to create a dedicated menu for parents enhanced with more elaborate preparations such as vegetable pies, fruit salads, salads, etc though, and I say this from experience, even adults greatly appreciate the snack dedicated to children!
The catering service offered by Wedding Portofino is studied in detail: saucers, glasses and napkins, they will be chosen and coordinated according to the theme of the party or the colors chosen by the birthday boy and carefully positioned and arranged so as not to neglect the set-up and scenic impact.
The catering during the service will take care of tidying up the buffet, help the little guests and organize the cake cutting service.
For those who wish it is possible to increase the service with a sweet buffet together with the cake, adding for example cup cake, biscuits decorated with sugar paste, at reasonable prices thanks to the collaboration we have with a talented cake design artist who also creates personalized sugar paste preparations.

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