The bridal bouquet is the most important accessory so it deserves a closer look


When choosing, always let yourself be guided by professionals who will direct you to the best solution, most of the brides think that the bouquet should be the same as the wedding set-up, that's not quite the case!

If it is in tune with the event, the better, but the most important feature is that it must reflect the bride and enhance her.
For brides who want to understand each other more and have some little guidelines, below you will find some precautions to take into consideration when choosing your bouquet.
To choose the prefect bouquet , there are some features to remember: The wedding dress, the shape of your body, your personality, the style of the event and the seasonality of the flowers.


How to match flowers according to the dress

If you have chosen a traditional dress with a princely style, a round and compact bouquet will be perfect for you. Or I recommend an asymmetrical composition, if your dress is very plain, without lace, in this case the bouquet will be the protagonist of your outfit.
Instead if your dress falls soft, made with light fabrics enriched with lace and embroidery , I would combine wildflowers creating asymmetrical compositions that are now very trendy, messy and seemingly simple style.

The style of the event

If you have chosen a classic wedding, set up with colors and muted like white, pink or peach match a bouquet composed with flowers like roses, hydrangeas, of peonies.

Instead flowers like Gardenias, carnations, camellias, lavender will be the perfect flowers to compose your bouquet if you have chosen a more rustic or boho style of event that will take place in the middle of the green and therefore characterized by natural colors.
If you dream of a modern fairy tale , play with an asymmetrical bouquet with long-stemmed flowers like orchids , with tulips and roses in pastel shades, they will be perfectly in line with your wedding.

Choose the flowers in the bouquet according to the season of the year

Very important topic , flowers have a seasonality and it is very important to take this into consideration to have a beautiful yield that lasts all day.
If you get married in winter , the perfect flowers for your bouquet can be: tulips, anemones, buttercups, and roses.
When the wedding is celebrated in the spring or summer , it is possible to play with color, and the color range becomes wider, this season you can create a compositions with flowers like: peonies, lavender, roses and carnations, wildflowers etc..

In short, summarizing such a broad topic is complicated, if you want some advice contact me.