Music at the wedding is one of the fundamental aspects for the success of the event.

Leaning on talented musicians is very important. Choosing the right wedding music seems trivial, often underestimated but in reality a wrong choice is immediately noticed , because it becomes a disturbing note rather than an accompanying note.
Music is a beautiful art that is divided into many types to choose from (classical, jazz, rock, lyric , ecc) based on the event but above all on the preferences of the spouses.
Surely during the church ceremony the right music arouses emotions and creates a romantic and suggestive atmosphere. Almost all churches are equipped with an organ, which is a perfect instrument but personally I also love instruments such as the violin and the harp, surely having a trio will make the ceremony even richer and more suggestive.

Sweet at the bottom, a beautiful voice of a singer will make the bride's entry into the church even more exciting, the opera singer is always a sweet addition always appreciated, to create a wonderful melody .

Whatever your choice, music at the wedding should mark and underline the most significant moments of the catholic rite, in particular: The entrance of the groom, the arrival and entry of the bride , the exchange of rings, the offertory and consecration , communion and finally the exit of the spouses, in the end, it must be accompanied by important and triumphal music, precisely to emphasize the apotheosis of happiness of the moment.

la musica al matrimonio

Music at the wedding during the reception

When guests arrive at the location, I recommend that they be accompanied by a solo voice who will sing throughout the aperitif, instead during dinner or lunch it is preferable not to have background music to facilitate the conversation.
Another salient moment for which it is essential to choose the right wedding music is: cutting the cake, the choice of the song or melody is fundamental, possibly it must be linked to some episode in the life of the spouses or very very romantic.

In the end, it is also right to have fun and let loose , adding a DJ set is always appropriate to end a fantastic day in style.

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