What the tableau de mariage is for?

The "tableau de mariage" , it is an indispensable element for your wedding, if original it will embellish your set-up.
It does not only have a decorative function , but it will be invaluable in helping guests find their table and seat.

Especially if you are planning a wedding with many guests, a ben costruito wedding table , it will avoid hitches and confusion at dinner time.
There are many types of Tableau ; created with personalized cards, or made with the help of objects such as lecterns or ladders, billboards with the floor plan of the room, or by hanging the tags on a majestic tree and embellished with ribbons, flowers and fabrics .... In short, with a little imagination, creativity and a touch of dexterity your tableau will be unique and very decorative.
Choose a type of tableau that is in tune with the event and that is easy to read for guests and I recommend that you design your tableau, remembering to follow the chosen theme that will accompany the event.
Usually it should be placed in the aperitif area or at the entrance to the room where dinner or lunch will be served.


wedding table

How to assign seats at the table?

The assignment of seats at the table is the reason for a thousand questions from the guests to the newlyweds , apparently it may seem like a quick and simple procedure but it can often be stressful for the bride and groom.
Tradition and etiquette would have the bride and groom at the table together with parents and witnesses with an arrangement that follows the normal rules of wedding etiquette the imperial table arrangement should be as follows:
• to the most important lady, then marries her, it has the place of honor;
• the most important man will sit on his left, the groom then;
• men and women will take turns in the other places at the table;
• to the right of the bride they sit, in the order, the father of the groom, a witness, the father of the bride and another witness;
• to the left of the groom they sit, in the order, the mother of the bride, the priest, the mother of the groom and two other witnesses.

The table of the spouses must be placed , in a strategic point visible throughout the room regardless of the arrangement of the tables you have chosen.
To simplify the assignment procedure , group the guests into macrosections: families, family members, amici, connect them by placing them close together and try to unite guests based on common interests.


If you need help to assign seats at the table and create your tableau de mariage , contact me !