Team building: What are

One of the corporate events that are most requested to be organized by a professional are team building. Team buildings are events, wanted by the top management, created with the aim of socializing and connecting a group of work colleagues. I recommend them to companies that need the potential given by this activity when they are faced with a group that has recently been established or when the group is in crisis or when it is under stress or simply does not obtain the expected results..

Events born in the USA, they have spread all over the world bringing positive results, the study and research to devise increasingly functional and original team building is always in progress and companies have begun to invest much more in personnel and in the quality of their life in the company; they realized that a happy employee is a more productive employee.


Team building Genova

For the excellent success of a team building activity, the event organizer must propose a tailor-made project, based on the objectives that the company aims to achieve. When I organize a team building I make use of the advice of professional technicians who are experts in the specific sector, to have a vision a 360 degrees of the world and dynamics, in which the employees of a company work.

To create different team buildings, some play activities have been borrowed and reworked, sportive, theatrical, musical, and team buildings have become increasingly flexible and articulated containers, but above all tailor-made. There remains the need to know how to distinguish team building “formative” to increase skills from that predominantly “playful” to enhance a “group”.

I team building ludici, they are definitely the favorites of the employees who have to do them, come i team games, team experience, whose activities are sometimes purely playful and experiential such as treasure hunting, sailing trips, wellness programs. These activities, through the satisfaction of the individual participants, favors contact, the comunication, l'empathy.

The training building teams , they are activities designed to be carried out within the company walls, in this specific case they can be filmed, group games, case-history.

This type of event in Italy is growing in popularity, as a result, companies are increasingly inclined to increase the budget allocated to these activities, the needs are more and more, thanks to my experience I can propose effective team building activities, original and productive in Genoa and throughout Liguria.