A sparkling feast of the 30 years!

Organizing a birthday party is not difficult but it is making it memorable and having the "wow" effect which is much more complicated. In fact in this column of my blog, I would like to tell you about some successfully organized parties, who knows you can't take a cue from it.

It is an important stage in our life that certainly deserves special attention the feast of 30 years. E’ certainly a great emotion and we must celebrate this event so that it will be remembered forever .

Today I'll tell you about it feast of the 30 years of Miriana, which I organized on Saturday 1st July in the splendid Santa Margherita Ligure.

Miriana came to me asking me for an extraordinary and original party, his goal was to leave the guests speechless and above all… surprise herself! In fact, despite the fact that the birthday was organized step by step with her, he hadn't realized what the end result would be like. The organization of this birthday was not easy, as we only had ten days: very little! We worked tirelessly comparing the various quotes with phone calls and e-mails, evaluating different locations, talking to suppliers, and finally we have found the ideal solution for a magical birthday.

Feast of the 30 years: a memory forever

Miriana chose for the his feast of the 30 years the Hotel Imperiale, a wonderful structure a 5 Job, in the splendid setting of Santa Margherita. Do you think that by coincidence and luckily for us, that evening there were also the spectacular fireworks that the municipality of Rapallo had organized!

The evening started with some beautiful ones Limousines that brought the guests and the celebrated from Genoa to Santa Margherita. Arrived on the terrace of the Hotel, guests found a elegant aperitif welcome e, following, guests sat down for dinner.

In this case, being the number of guests contained, we set up an imperial table, to create a more intimate atmosphere and to facilitate conversation. The mise en place was very important and cared for, we have chosen as a centerpiece some very simple bright pink flowers and candles.

The cake was the star of the evening, carefully chosen and designed by Miriana, It was prepared by the hotel's excellent pastry chef and was on three floors, white with red decorations and a huge M on top of the cake.

Finally, the party continued until late at night in the hotel room with dj set e open bar. All the guests had a great time and Miriana was delighted, its feast of the 30 years will be a special event for her to remember forever.