The wedding dress is a very important choice for every girl who waits and fantasizes since she was a child on her wedding day.

to siren, empire style, a tunica, like a princess, snug or slipped… whatever its line it will be a fairytale dress that will show off only once in a lifetime, therefore nothing should be left to chance!
Surely the choice must be made based on the personal taste of the bride, every bride truly realizes what her "perfect" wedding dress is when emotion prevails over rationality.
But before arriving at this very important choice, I am asked a thousand questions by the brides: which style is best suited to my body? which dress is best suited for my wedding? what are the brands most
When choosing the dress, the brides immediately go to look at the models and trends of the current year and often there is a lot of confusion. Here are some tips for first skimming and making your choice easier:
-define the style of the event you have organized and choose a suitable wedding dress
– analyze the shape of your body and choose a dress that enhances you
Today I would like to share with the invaluable advice of Anna Venere, a well-established image consultant also in the wedding sector.
Certainly understanding which wedding dresses enhance you the best is very complicated for this, if you can,
I suggest you get help from professionals like her who will give you the best opportunities, In short
time and stress free!

The golden rules of Anna Venus:

Choosing a wedding dress is even more complex than going shopping, it is there are really many types and sometimes even small differences such as fabric or drapery can make a difference.

Anna recommends for women who have a pear-shaped physique, therefore with pronounced hips but with a lean torso, a fitted dress at the top that widens the shoulders and with a voluminous skirt .
The situation is reversed in case you have few curves, narrow waist and slender legs, in this case the mermaid dresses, adherent in the lower part, they will enhance your slim shapes.
There are also solutions and tricks for those who fall into the apple shape, therefore a prosperous breasts with little waist, the most effective solution is to create a waistline with intersections to enhance and design more defined shapes.
An always winning strategy is the use of drapery and oblique decorations or, for the most unconventional, you can aim for a short dress that enhances your legs.
What to say… it is a very broad topic that needs to be explored further, I suggest you read the articles written by Anna Venere in her blog, besides being interesting they will be the ideal starting point for choosing your wedding dress… perfect!