You have been invited to a wedding? Which’ it is the perfect ceremony dress? you are also the bridesmaid or best man? Surely you are wondering: how I dress? A problem that afflicts every woman!

Spring has arrived and with it has also begun the season of weddings and ceremonies to which you must always present yourself with the appropriate look to customize according to your taste..
One of the first rules to consider when choosing the ceremony dress , is to ask the bride if a dress code must be respected. Following the guidelines given by the spouses is essential in order not to create unpleasant situations, usually if there are precise indications on the clothing to wear to the wedding, the bride and groom should indicate this in the participation that they send to the guests.
Remember that the bride must stand out, therefore you absolutely must not choose black and white, only granted for shoes and bag or combined with other colors. Pastel shades are absolutely the most appropriate and suitable for any ceremony, avoid too bright colors in particular, red and purple.
Another fundamental rule when choosing a formal dress is: if the wedding we have to go to will be held in the evening, you will have to choose a long and elegant dress model, while if the event is during the day, even the short dress can be a perfect choice, especially if the event is not in a too formal context such as a wedding on the beach.

Heeled shoes are essential, it doesn't have to be too high but somewhere in between.

Finally, the inevitable clutch bag to complete the look, a must have for weddings! All the Italian fashion houses have created many and original models, the clutch bag gives the opportunity to have fun by combining it with special accessories.

Caution: if you choose a dress with off the shoulders, remember to combine a stole for the church ceremony.

If, on the other hand, you are invited to a "British" style wedding, do not forget the inevitable accessory to combine with the ceremony dress : the famous hat.
It is worn only for daytime ceremonies, after sunset, indeed, it is considered an inappropriate accessory. It will be kept on the head for the duration of the ceremony, but not at the table to avoid hindering the diners. It will be able, instead, be worn during standing buffets. The hat must match the style of the ceremony and must be skilfully combined with your dress without necessarily matching it. It will be able, instead, be coordinated with the color of the inserts, belt or other accessories you will be wearing. It will be necessary, in the end, study a right hairstyle that enhances the chosen headdress but that is at the same time elegant and refined even in the moments in which it will have to be removed.

Here is a small gallery of trendy clothes to get inspired by the beautiful new Enzo Miccio's collection.